Sometimes relationships get to the point where either one or both parties have energetically and emotionally checked out. Life has become a series of motions which each of you seem to be enacting, but with no real passion, presence or harmony. You find yourself reacting with anger, frustration and annoyance at even the smallest things. Your partner seems to have become an enemy rather than an ally. Once it gets to this point, decisions are often made to terminate the relationship and to go separate ways. You both feel that the compassion, respect, admiration and love has been lost, and it seems easier to complete the check out and move on. Although sometimes, there is something to be learned here, and often if not learned here will almost certainly arise in the next relationship. So here are three reasons why to breathe life back into the relationship and give it another shot.

1. Relationships are Reflections

While it sometimes feels such a relief to blame the other person for the relationship failures, we all know in our heart of hearts that it takes two to tango. Once we let our defences down and clear the haze of resentment, it becomes easier to see how we are contributing to the break down of the relationship. Most things that come up in relationships can be recognised from another time in our life. We know if patterns are being repeated and if we move along too quickly, that may negate the learning which could occur. Talking with a trusted friend or professional could allow your vision to expand and to see what needs to be owned in the relationship.

2. Relationships Teach Real Compassion

Getting in touch with compassion can be beneficial not only to your romantic relationship, but in so many areas of life. Cultivating compassion can reduce stress and anxiety as we begin to have a deeper respect for others and their ways of being. If you have lost the ability to see your partner with kind and loving eyes, then take an inward journey back to the beginning of the relationship. Remember when you thought this person was the most amazing thing you had ever encountered. Remember that this person is still there, and it is your perception that has changed. Know that sometimes we get so close to something that we can no longer see the beauty. If you struggle to do this, perhaps take a break, go away for a little while and see what changes upon your return.

3. Relationship Lessons are Repeated

You may find yourself moving from relationship to relationship only to experience the same thing over and over. This is a sign that there is some deep learning in here. Starting a process of introspection to uncover what could be happening in these relationships may go a long way to creating harmony. While it may feel better to be with another person, unless the relationship is entered into with consciousness and self-awareness, the patterns will repeat themselves. Unless the situation is abusive or has become life threatening in some way, it might be useful to remain where you are and hash it out with the other. The depth of love which could be uncovered may be beyond your wildest dreams.