Life often get in the way of those aspects which we value highly, one of them being connecting in with a partner. It’s not as though we don’t want to connect with our partner, it’s just that sometimes it gets so damn busy. The concern here, though, is that it may become a habit. And like with all precious things in life, sometimes we have to work to maintain a connection and interest in the other person. Here are seven simple ways to maintain your connection during the busy times.

  1. Make Time to Connect

When things are busy, it’s easy to feel like it’s impossible to make time for our partner, but the reality is that we still make time for other things, like social media or television. Although these other things might feel like they relax us, it is often an easy way to feel connected without any effort. Taking five minutes to have a catch up with your partner might be all the connection required. Just a quick check in about your day, or one highlight of the day may be all that is needed to maintain your connection.

  1. Send a Text Message

You know that feeling, when you are going about your day and suddenly you remember and miss your beloved? Well, rather than wait until you see them again, let them know in a text. It doesn’t have to be Shakespearian prose, just a simple, “miss you, thinking of you” message it all that is required to let them know that you are still connected.

  1. Send Loving Energy

If there isn’t even time to send a text, just send some loving vibes towards your partner. They may or may not feel it, but you certainly will feel it. Taking a moment to be present to the love and affection you feel could enhance your feelings with you see them, possibly allowing you to be more affectionate when you do see each other again.

  1. Do Something Tangible

If you feel as though you are constantly missing each other, due to alternative schedules, or through busy activities, do something that lets them know you are thinking of them. A small gesture such as leaving a cup of tea by their bedside before you leave in the morning, or leaving a little note on their pillow in the evening, will make your partner feel loved and special, even if you aren’t able to spend too much time together.

  1. Speak their Praises

Whether you tell them or someone else something you admire about your beloved, it will enhance your feelings towards them. It also may give you permission to say those things to them when you do see them next. Getting in touch with your gratitude and respect for your partner may elicit a feeling of tenderness when you are together. There is a lot to be said for our energetic interactions, and infusing your togetherness with feelings of love will make a big difference.

Making these simple gestures towards one another is often a breeding ground for more. Letting them know that you are still thinking of them, and appreciating them will deepen your connection and let you both know that even though there may not be very much time, you still mean the world to one another.