“Gia is a passionate therapist. Her education in the field of relationship and sex therapy is in depth and she strives to learn more everyday. Gia’s approach to her clients is always non judgemental, empathetic and genuine. Her natural ability to put people at ease is a gift.” N, Female, Sydney.

“Gia is a wonderfully intuitive and gifted therapist I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone. Intelligent, understanding and a great listener.” S, Female, Sydney.

“It was great to see you on Monday and really I’m going to keep saying it, but THANK YOU! It was so good to just talk and reflect. Since our session on Monday I have noticed a few shifts internally as well as some observations in my immediate environment… I’ve been having little epiphanies! Its the most bizarre thing!” N, Male, Sydney.

“It was hard talking about personal things, though Gia made it very easy to open up to her. Her communication technique made me feel very safe and secure. I would recommend her to anyone! She was amazing!” P, Female, Sydney.

“I appreciated Gia’s advice and support, having someone to talk to. I wish I could do it more often!” D, Male, Sydney.

“Thank you for a great session today. The process of working through this together has already started the healing. I am so happy we can both be open and honest with you. Just a heartfelt thank you for the work that you do.” M & L, Couple, Sydney.

“It was a very worthwhile session.” M, Male, Sydney.

“I enjoy the way that you see things from a different angle, not in a dismissive way, but as an alternative point of view, a view that often sheds a different light on things and a fresh perspective whilst honouring what I feel. Your gentleness is reassuring and your insight is often challenging but I am always left feeling validated and more prepared.” P, Male, Sydney.

“I appreciate the space to talk freely and I don’t feel you judging me in any way.  I enjoy the way that I’m allowed to go at my pace and that there’s no need to fill silences but that when you do talk, your tone and balance tells me I’ve been heard.” S, Male, Sydney.

“I have worked with Gia for many years. Gia is an excellent therapist who demonstrates care, honesty and a deep knowledge of counselling theories and high skill with implementing these skills within a counselling session. I recommend Gia to anyone seeking assistance with relationship or sexual concerns.” B, Male Sydney.