Some may be familiar with the idea that foreplay begins as soon as the last sexual encounter has finished. This can be one really useful way to perceive your sex life and enhance intimacy in the relationship. This can always begin with afterplay. Many of us know about foreplay and how vital this can be to our sexual pleasure, however afterplay is equally important. Often the media depicts couples falling asleep after sex, with little contact or tenderness. While it may be the norm for some, it might be fun to explore the idea of afterplay.

Some may find that their energy is flagging after sex, however even some cuddles and affectionate touching may go a long way to preparation for the next time you have sex. If time is limited and sleep is required, afterplay can always occur the next day. A sexy text reminding and thanking your lover for the previous day’s tryst could set up a whole new and exciting experience. Letting your partner know the specific ways in which you felt pleasure and things that they did to make you tremble with excitement is positive reinforcement and lets them know what works for you.

Some may find communication in the bedroom uncomfortable as many of us haven’t been taught how to do so, and often we find themselves wishing that our lover could read our mind. Finding the those aspects of your sex life which really turns you on and that you really enjoy and communicating that to your lover could really guide them towards a better understanding of your body. Recognising what is negative about the experience may be easier for the brain to grasp, however if you seek the positives and illuminate those to your lover they will have a better understanding of what works for you

Introducing communication after sex is another way which afterplay and sexual intelligence can be cultivated. Expressing in words what was delicious for you and what you would like to happen again may be helpful. Initiating a conversation with your partner to ask what they enjoyed about your sexual encounter may create a path to better communication overall. Allowing your lover to express the positives of your sex life allows you both to savour those moments while informing them about your preferences. Next time you have sex with your lover, see how highlighting the positives of your sex life could impact on intimacy and promote intimacy and affection. What happens the next time you have sex might pleasantly surprise you.