Most women in Western culture are reluctant to admit that they like or enjoy their bodies. Considering that our society profits from appearance based doubt in order to sell us the solution, it is no wonder that there is so much uncertainty from women regarding their bodies. The cost of this self doubt is a reduced desire to engage or interact with this body that we perceive as flawed or imperfect.

Understanding the ways in which your body image impacts your sexuality is important to unlock your sensual nature.

Connection to your body is a vital part of sexual enjoyment and sexual pleasure. Studies have shown that women who have increased body image concerns tend to feel less desire to be sexual, both within partnerships and alone. Women who are critical of their bodies are inclined to allow distracting, negative thoughts interfere with their sexual interactions. These thoughts and feelings all contribute to a reduced desire to feel physical pleasure and enjoyment.

Self criticism and negative thinking regarding your appearance can undermine erotic thoughts and feelings. Becoming aware of such thoughts is a vital part of understanding how they impact your sexuality.

Being mindful of thoughts can be tricky, particularly if they are old scripts that continuously re-run through your mind. It is important to remember that often your thoughts about your body are not an accurate reflection of your actual body. They are your perception, and has such, can be changed. This has been reflected in studies which show that women’s self perceptions of their bodies are not congruent with their actual body type.

One way of reducing negative self perception is to become aware of the thoughts and analysing them. Taking the time to address the way you think about your body is an important part of accepting and even loving your body. Finding aspects of your body that challenge the negative thoughts, on other words, finding proof that your thoughts about your body are inaccurate, can also improve your self image and allow you more freedom to express yourself physically.

Talking to a sexual health counsellor may improve your body image concerns. Contact Gia now to get help.