Sex Therapy Business

When I was starting my business and private practice, over two years ago, I found myself struggling with the concept. Whilst I knew that my passion and vocation was for sex therapy, what was it that I wanted to do that would set me apart? What could make my business unique? I was advised at the time to stop thinking about it so hard, and to take some time to get present to my body and my feelings in order to get in touch with my unique purpose. Using tools such as mindfulness, breathing, meditation, movement and journaling, I eventually came up with my business brand and concept. What I realised from this exercise is that whilst we assume that thought and directive action will steer us in the right direction regarding business, sometimes accessing alternative aspects of ourselves creates a clearer vision of where we want to go in business.

Most of us who work in counselling, coaching or similar vocations have underlying desires as helpers or healers. Often, when I talk with peers, I realise that it is usually through overcoming our own adversity that installs our appetite to assist others in their journey. However, it can be easy to lose that vision in the fast paced lifestyle that we, as business women, employ. What I have learned is the importance of taking some time to slow down, get back in touch with my mission and my vision, and allow powerful tools such as physical and emotional wisdom to guide me further. This is what I refer to as sensuality – getting in touch with all the senses (not simply the mind) to return to those aspects that led me to want to work with people in the way I do.

I have now created a workshop for women to learn how to access those deeply wise parts of themselves, whilst letting go for a few hours of the endless mind chatter. Thoughts can become blurry sometimes with all that busyness, sometimes derailing us and removing us from knowing our mission in life. Surrender to Sensuality is a workshop designed for women to slow down, become present to the entirety of their being, and get in touch with their values, motives and mission in life. We will explore with taste, touch, movement, and much more so that you can find your own way of connecting to your sensuality.

If you contact me today at and mention this post, I will be happy to offer the first five women my discounted client rate. This workshop will teach you how to drop into your feminine and offer you skills to become present and mindful to your body. Spaces are strictly limited, so be sure to secure your place today.