Mindfulness One Oh One

As human beings, we are pain averse – an evolutionary trait which equips us better for survival. However, pain can come in many forms and though aversion to physical pain is usually necessary and self-protective, at times it may be more helpful to allow tolerance for discomfort. In our modern society we often use tools [...]

Men’s Health Week

This week is Men’s Health Week in Australia, and in light of that, it seems appropriate to write a piece about men’s sexual health. Statistics indicate that men wait for around 18 months before seeking assistance with a sexual health concern, resulting in an approach commonly named the “wait and see” approach.  Unfortunately, this 18-month [...]

Men’s Business

It is a commonly held belief that men and women are driven towards sexual behaviours for markedly different reasons. Men are motivated by the evolutionary requirement to father as many offspring as possible, while women seek sexual partners who will provide protection and security for said offspring. Evolutionary theories may seem reductionist in their approach, [...]