Faking the Big “O”

Recently The Sunday Telegraph conducted a “Let's Talk About Sex” survey which showed some interesting results. Of the over 1200 respondents, 74% of women claimed to have faked an orgasm during sex. Which leads to some interesting questions.  Why do some women fake their orgasms? What makes women feel as though they should fake an [...]

Body Image in the Bedroom

I strongly advocate for physical health, and yet sometimes acceptance can be more important than placing rigid rules upon oneself, which serve to limit or even hurt self-esteem. One of my friends has recently gained weight and reports that she feels the impediment, particularly in her movements – struggling to access bodily parts that were [...]

Exotic Orgasm

Orgasm is a vast and varied topic with as many opinions about them as people who experience them. There are many suggestions and techniques espoused on how to achieve orgasm. Often clients who come to see me have specific ways of achieving orgasm and remain attached to their personal method and this technique is tried [...]

Return to Self

I often hear the term “fear of abandonment” used, especially in my profession, and often it is a very valid fear. Most of us have been raised by human beings, and therefore, fallible and imperfect beings. The nature of the small child is to be ego-centric, and so if needs are not met, then we [...]

Female Sexual Desire

New research seems to be pointing towards a refreshed perspective of female sexual desire. What has always been known to be a complex and intricate aspect of feminine sexuality is slowly beginning to develop into an intriguing picture. Recent, and at times controversial research is indicating that in order for women to want sex, they [...]