Pondering Porn?

Porn is a contentious topic among many, with opinions being strong and attitudes fixed. Both men and women may strongly oppose porn, whilst others understand it to be a regular and important aspect within their sex life. There are moral objections to porn based on what it portrays, how the actors might feel, and how [...]

The Dating “Game”

Do a quick search on the web for sex and dating and what transpires are many advice columns and articles espousing the “rules” of dating. Dig a little deeper and suggestions such as “don’t have sex on the first date” are common. More than that, some articles aimed at women might even warn against discussing [...]

Mindfulness One Oh One

As human beings, we are pain averse – an evolutionary trait which equips us better for survival. However, pain can come in many forms and though aversion to physical pain is usually necessary and self-protective, at times it may be more helpful to allow tolerance for discomfort. In our modern society we often use tools [...]