Orgasm is a vast and varied topic with as many opinions about them as people who experience them. There are many suggestions and techniques espoused on how to achieve orgasm. Often clients who come to see me have specific ways of achieving orgasm and remain attached to their personal method and this technique is tried and tested, used for many years. And because orgasm feels so damn good, people become reluctant to even consider different ways of achieving orgasm. With orgasm being such a central part of having sex, it is a wonder that there isn’t more mainstream education about the myriad of ways in which orgasm can be expressed and felt within the body.

How might your sex life be different if you released ideas about achieving orgasm and simply remained present to the sensations occurring within the body? Imagine the goal of sex today was not to have an orgasm, but to experiment with the pleasure which can be felt and held in the body. Imagine you allowed yourself to really stay present to each sensation, touch, stir, and shiver in your body, rather than aiming for orgasm. Remember when you first started to discover your sexuality, explored your body and discovered the potential that lay within? Imagine that this is the place you approach sex from next time you become intimate

Orgasm can be achieved in so many different ways, that sometimes it might really reward you to hold off from the usual and prescribed method and explore your body’s full potential. Perhaps even hold off from orgasm for a few days to fully experience the sensations in your body and notice the point of no return. Allowing our body to expand and invite orgasm can sometimes feel far more pleasurable than making a concerted effort to “achieve” that ultimate climax. Considering that research is now entering the unknown realms of orgasm, perhaps we are not even aware of the complete potential that lies within our sensual and erotic experience? Notice your orgasm today and enjoy new and unexplored realms of your body.