Intimacy within romantic relationships is valued highly in our modern society, with more and more emphasis being placed on communication. And though vital in many instances, there might be other interesting ways to enhance intimacy, which may not necessarily incorporate talking, or communication. While relationship maintenance is often linked to enhanced verbal communication, acknowledging an alternative way of creating intimacy might produce a different kind of intimacy.  Expressing feelings verbally might not suit some people, with men often being socialised against emotional expression. Those well versed in talk intimacy may be seen as more evolved, though this could negate the vast variety of ways to build closeness. So with this in mind, how else can intimacy be generated which doesn’t require some kind of verbal dexterity or cathartic exposure?

Get naked! Too often nakedness becomes relegated to night-time trysts in a darkened bedroom. Take a risk and invite your lover to join you in becoming consciously naked together. Allowing your partner to see you fully in your nakedness could really expand the feeling of connection with another. This might be particularly challenging for people who have disconnected from their body in order to protect themselves, so remember to take it slowly. Allow space and time for some self-expression, which might manifest through movement or touch, and even words if that feels more comfortable. Encouraging intimacy via an alternative avenue such as this could create expanded ways of self-expression for those who struggle with verbal communication.

Play a game! One way of experimenting with trust and vulnerability that doesn’t require intense dialogue may be to set aside time for a playful interaction. One person can be blindfolded while the other guides them. This game can be played with different intentions – this might be for the blindfolded partner to embody co-operation, resistance or passivity. Agree on which energy will be embodied and see how this game plays out in each instance. This kind of physical interaction reveals uncovered relational dynamics and can augment intimacy and enhance trust. Feeling into the dynamics that are most comfortable can reveal a lot about preferences for romantic interactions, thereby increasing self-awareness. Developing trust in this manner could uncover new ways in which trust is felt and expressed within the relationship.

Investigating new ways to enrich intimacy could be a pathway to a mutually fulfilling relationship. Remembering that there are more ways to get to know another than through words alone could encourage an inclusive dynamic which reveres individuality. Being seen and known to another enhances intimacy and it might be important to account for differing styles of self-expression. Eliminating preconceived ideas of what intimacy should look like might open a space for exciting interactions, increasing mutual satisfaction.

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