How Holistic Sex Therapy Can HelpSex Therapy Can Help

Sex therapy or relationship counselling is an investment in your life and your wellbeing which may result in changes that will improve your relationship with yourself and with those around you. Relational intimacy is vital to healthy relationships and assists in improving self-esteem and integrity when fostered in a loving environment. Whether we live with our family, partner, spouse, children, flat mate or alone, we are faced with negotiating relationships.

All individuals are unique, and so, each will have their own way of interacting, communicating and loving.  We will encounter other unique individuals and try to understand, interact, negotiate and even become sexual with one another, often with little guidance from the wider community.  Ethics, values and behaviours are often prescribed via socialisation, though seldom are the nuances of how to “be” in a relationship amongst the demands of life, children, finances, and survival.

Sex Therapy Services

  • Relationship negotiation
  • Relationship counselling
  • Resolution of sexual functioning
  • Improving sexual and relational dynamics
  • Increasing sexual repertoire
  • Increase knowledge regarding sexual response cycles and age related changes
  • Increase acceptance and expression of sexuality
  • Addressing, understanding, and enhancing communication patterns
  • Evaluation and restructure of negative perspectives
  • Addressing any myths or misunderstandings regarding sexual interactions
  • Increase awareness of automatic thought processes impacting sexual activity
  • Gathering information and assessing past and current sexual issues
  • Identifying familial relationship patterns and sexual patterns
  • Assessing intergenerational attitudes and myths regarding sex
  • Sex education

Sex therapy and relationship counselling sessions are extended in a safe and private setting in Neutral Bay, Sydney. Your confidentiality and security is of utmost importance to Gia at Conscious Intimacy. She abides by the code of ethics of both her counselling and sex therapy governing bodies, ensuring that your information is protected at all times. If you have any concerns regarding your privacy, please contact Gia here for a full understanding about how your information is protected.

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