Have your or your partner left the relationship emotionally? Do you find yourself on the brink of relationship breakdown on a regular basis? Do you engage in power struggle more than affection? Has your relationship lost respect and compassion? If this is you, then Intensive Couples Therapy may be your answer.

Some clinical models advocate that couple’s therapy can be more effective when there are two therapists in the room. This way dynamics can be observed more astutely and, as we know, often two heads are better than one. It is for this purpose that Gia is now collaborating with her respected colleague Alex Nicol in offering Intensive Couples Therapy.

Intensive Couple’s Therapy sessions conducted in this way will be 90 minutes in length. It is recommended that couple’s attend at least four sessions to experience the full benefit of this unique and effective manner of couple’s therapy.

What Will Happen in Intensive Couples Therapy?

You session will begin with an introduction to the type of therapy and an assessment of major areas of concern. We will then take your sexual and relationship history and collaboratively assess the goals of each individual and the couple as a whole. Sessions will be constructed around each couple’s particular needs, requirements and concerns with space for feedback at the end of every session.

Why Have Two Therapists?

Having two therapists attending to your concerns creates a forum for a deeper understanding of relationship dynamics. With two therapists issues such as triggers can be uncovered more astutely. Each member of the couple can feel confident in the fact that with two therapists stability can be maintained while each individual’s reality can be held more wholly.

Who Attends Intensive Couple’s Therapy?

Sometimes couples find that they have reached a point in their relationship where although they still love each other, aspects such as respect, compassion, mutual understanding and even commitment have waned. Couples who are questioning whether to continue with the relationship or end can benefit from this type of therapy as it allows for a deeper analysis of current concerns.

What Can I Gain from Intensive Couples Therapy?

If you or your partner have checked out of the relationship emotionally then you could benefit from Intensive Couples Therapy. This style of counselling allows for a deeper and more accurate look into the workings of the relationship with two clinically qualified therapists attending to the relationship issues. Having a double reflection of your concerns can increase awareness and insight into what it triggering such discord while offering tailored processes.


About Alex Nicol

Alex Nicol is a clinically qualified psychotherapist and counsellor. He holds a Bachelor of Applied Social Science from the Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP), and is a qualified Gestalt Therapist, Acceptance and Commitment Therapist and Family Constellations facilitator. Alex has worked with hundred of people to overcome many concerns including anxiety, depression and addiction. Alex facilitates both groups and individual therapy from his private practice in Crow’s Nest.