This week is Men’s Health Week in Australia, and in light of that, it seems appropriate to write a piece about men’s sexual health. Statistics indicate that men wait for around 18 months before seeking assistance with a sexual health concern, resulting in an approach commonly named the “wait and see” approach.  Unfortunately, this 18-month mark also coincides with the point where women will lose interest in sex within the relationship if it is no longer on the table. This means that often, once heterosexual men decide to seek help for their concern, their partners have usually become sexually unavailable to them. While offering advice to men which promotes early intervention may be useful, and for which Conscious Intimacy advocates strongly, it might be more useful to suggest measures which support men’s sexual health. Here are three tips for optimising male sexual health:

1. Exercise

Recommending exercise is truly old and faithful advice, and is more than likely regularly espoused, which only illuminates the importance of exercise.  Regular exercise promotes cardiovascular health, resulting in improved blood flow to the penis. Erectile issues often stem from vascular problems and eliminating this through exercise can only enhance male sexual health. More so, feeling stronger and healthier from exercise obviously improves self-esteem, which might result in increased feelings of confidence and comfort during sex.

2. Nutrition

Including healthy foods in one’s diet is important to maintain health and could also result in better sexual health. Increasing your daily intake of fruit and veggies might contribute to the necessary vitamins and minerals required for optimum physical functioning. Reducing intake of alcohol, sugar and fatty foods could also make a significant difference to sexual health in men. Supplementing one’s diet with Maca (root plant used for medicinal purposes) may also increase vitality. Studies have indicated that men who supplement their diet with Maca see improvements in their erections and libido.

3. Reducing stress

Stress is a major contributor to sexual concerns and dealing with it in healthy ways might reduce sexual health concerns. While adopting an exercise routine and eating healthily will more than likely reduce stress naturally, there are methods which can contribute to stress reduction.  Some suggestions for reducing stress include incorporating meditation into one’s daily routine. This does not have to be a “transcendental, levitation” experience, as meditation can occur anywhere and anytime.  While walking to the bus or the car, remain mindful of your footsteps, your breathing and your physical movements, being completely present in that moment. Even this can constitute as a meditation and result in reduced stress and tension.