We all know that the Internet has changed our society in countless ways and there is no avoiding the impact this is having on our social and cultural norms. With Facebook and Twitter becoming a part of everyday life, we are growing accustomed to keeping in touch with friends’ day to day activities, and even those of the strangers, which we accumulate in our online network. With this has evolved the interesting phenomenon of online shopping – including shopping for a potential partner. What then are the new dating guidelines that accompany this new age? Creating your online profile can be a tricky business as we are no longer reliant on our appearance or mannerisms to inform others about ourselves. When we meet people face to face, we communicate a plethora of information before we even begin to connect. Bearing this in mind, important aspects of who we are become essential to highlight in an online profile. Most dating sites allow for an opportunity to outline who we are and what kind of person we are seeking. Honesty is always the best policy here, as is clear and unambiguous information. Starting with an up to date, flattering yet realistic profile picture is paramount. Avoid using Photoshop or any other touching up program on your photo, as when you eventually meet face to face, the faults which have been erased will be even more apparent to the other, potentially preventing further interest. Additionally, select a picture that is less than one year old. While we may be attached to our previous youthful appearance, we are seeking a partner for our present self – stay true to your current self and remember that with age comes wisdom and experience. Embody your truest self and don’t sell yourself short simply for the sake of increasing online interest. Finally, be explicit about who you are, what you enjoy in life, and what kind of person you would prefer to meet. There is no gain in attempting to sell yourself as a particular type of person to garner interest – once you meet up with a potential partner they will quickly gauge the truth of your online profile. Bearing this in mind, it could also be useful to talk about aspects of yourself which you might want to develop. While you might not be actively pursuing a particular hobby or interest, perhaps explain that you might like to learn more about something that interests you. That way you might be lucky enough to meet someone who could introduce you to something you have always wanted to learn.  And remember to have fun – try not to take too seriously rejection or acceptance from a stranger online – enjoy the process! For more information or guidance on online dating contact Conscious Intimacy today!