For heterosexuals, exploring other ways to pleasure your partner is a useful way to make sex more enjoyable for any couple. Making sex a slow and luxurious experience could improve sexual and relationship satisfaction drastically. Allow time for a breather during sex by using other techniques to arouse your lover. Encourage your lover to find other ways of enjoying your body that doesn’t always include penetration. Show them what else they can do to arouse you and bring more intensity to your sexual experiences.

Ideas for Mutual Sexual Enjoyment

  • Kissing, hugging and caressing

Women generally take longer to become ready for sex than men. If penetration occurs immediately, her opportunity for sexual satisfaction is reduced. Spending time before penetration kissing, hugging and touching her body will allow her to enjoy sex more. Make sure that you take your time before touching her vulva or clitoris because she may be too sensitive before she is sufficiently aroused to be touched in such delicate areas.

  • Manual Stimulation

Once your partner is aroused, which is often shown by vaginal lubrication, spend some time using your fingers to stimulate her vulva. Touch her all over, including the clitoris, vaginal lips and her vaginal hole. Inserting your fingers into her vagina will feel pleasurable too and help her towards orgasm. Be sure to be careful, as the skin and tissue are very sensitive, so remember to start off gently.

  • Oral Sex 

Kissing, licking and sucking her vagina, vaginal lips and clitoris can be very exciting. Many women enjoy having their vulvas stimulated by a man’s mouth, although be sure to ask her first if that is what she prefers. By offering her this kind of oral pleasuring, she may become more aroused, which means she could orgasm. When women orgasm with their partners they experienced increased sexual satisfaction in the relationship.

  • Penetration is Not Always Required

It is important to remember that about 75 per cent of women struggle to orgasm during penetration alone. Most women need some kind of clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. Women sometimes feel that if they do not achieve pleasure and orgasm from penetration alone, then they must be in some way sexually deficient, so it’s important to understand that penetration alone may not always result in orgasm.

It is important to remember that just because there is no penetration, this still means that you are having sex or making love. Some women even report that once they have had their first orgasm through direct clitoral stimulation, this opens the floodgates of multiple orgasms. Many men derive their enjoyment during sex from seeing their lover experiencing orgasmic pleasure. Finding alternative ways to help her get there might change your sex life for the better.