In an attempt to research the sex lives of mature people in same sex relationships, the lack of information is overwhelming. There are very few studies regarding sexual activity among lesbian and gay people as they get older. However, what has been found is that those in same sex relationships continue to have active and satisfying sexual encounters well into maturity. The biggest challenges which male gay couples face is difficulty getting and maintaining an erection, while lesbian couples may struggle with lubrication issues, which are normal responses to the ageing process.

One way to overcome the difficulties faced by women in same sex partnerships could be to use enhancements such as lubricants and sex toys. Natural lubricants are a wonderful way to achieve the same moistness that can occur naturally. Using a silicone-based gel mimics arousal lubrication, making it easy to pleasure yourself or your partner either manually or using a dildo. Taking it one step further and using a vibrator can assist you on your way to experiencing intense and prolonged orgasms. Coupling this with a natural arousal oil could take your orgasms to new heights. It may be daunting to choose a sex aid, so starting off with these basics will help you to know your requirements better.

There are enhancements and toys for men who experience erection difficulties. While studies show that gay men take advantage of the medications available for erectile dysfunction, many may be unaware of how sex toys may assist. Penile rings are a fantastic way to maintain your erection. By simply placing the elasticated ring around your penis, your erection could last at least twice as long as usual, if not more. If you struggle to achieve erection, a device such as a vacuum penile pump can stimulate the blood flow to the penis sufficiently to get an erection. Then the easy to use penile ring attached is placed around the penis to maintain your firm erection. Prostate stimulators are a great way to pleasure yourself or your partner without the need for an erection, often resulting in a satisfying orgasm.

Besides sexual gratification, sex can fulfill the need for both physical and emotional intimacy. The desire for touch, acknowledgement and validation transcends sexual orientation and age. We all need to feel loved and noticed. So even though physical concerns may be seen as a hindrance to a happy sex life, these issues might actually enhance other ways to achieve physical intimacy. Making the time for physical intimacy with or without sex can be beneficial for both the individual and the relationship. Exploring some of the above suggestions and inventing your own ways to express intimacy may have endless benefits for both your relationship and your sexual health.