The World Association for Sexual Health’s Millennium Declaration Goals include the recognition of sexual pleasure as a component of wellbeing. They state: “sexual health is more than the absence of disease. Sexual pleasure and satisfaction are integral components of well-being and require universal recognition and promotion.” This acknowledgment of sexual pleasure being a vital component for sexual health indicates the significance of incorporating a holistic perspective when dealing with sexual health issues and sexual functioning. Moreover, the document outlining this goal indicates that sexual health plays an important role in overall health with sexual pleasure being central to sexual health.

Sexual health is often considered to be an absence of disease, dis-ease or illness. And while for many, this may be true; there are other aspects that remain important for true sexual health to be gained. Modern medicine often focuses on removing symptoms, causes or indications of disease without accessing the original source or creation of such issues. Often alleviating the symptoms temporarily ameliorates the setback, though seldom exposes the source of sexual health concerns. Often clients may not be experiencing an issue which can be named or medicated, yet still feel dis-ease within themselves around their sexuality.

Conscious Intimacy believes that sexual health includes sexual pleasure, sexual satisfaction, sexual freedom and sexual expression – not simply the absence of disease or illness.

And often, the absence of sexual pleasure, sexual satisfaction, sexual freedom and sexual expression may not seem important enough to take action for improvement. While our society is becoming more focussed on healthy sexual expression being a vital component of wellbeing, frequently there is little guidance around how to achieve such a goal. Magazines often tout headlines such as “How to please your partner in 10 easy steps” which usually offer a mechanical manner of stimulation or repetitive movements to bring a partner to orgasm – though seldom explain the importance of connection with the self and your partner to achieve a truly fulfilling sexual experience.

Conscious Intimacy understands that for many people, sexual wellbeing is more than an orgasm – sexual health includes the full range of sexual feelings including intimacy and vulnerability.

As outlined in the WAS Millennium Declaration, sexual health incorporates more than simply prevention and education regarding morbid and fatal outcomes from sexual activities, encompassing intimacy, romantic love and sexual pleasure. This concept may be met with opposition by political and religious institutions through the stigmatisation of sexual pleasure, being perceived as precarious and ominous. It is fundamental for improved sexual health across all cultures and societies to explore methods of achieving and implementing this goal. As stated in the millennium declaration, “sexual pleasure is necessary and contributes to wellbeing, happiness and health.”

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