Couples’ Therapy

Dare to go Bare

Make up plays a large role for many women, with some of us unable to leave the house without "putting our face on." However a recent study found that heterosexual men prefer women without make up. What if our flaws are exaggerated by our lack of confidence in ourselves and really aren’t flaws at all? If [...]

The Joys of Mature Love

"Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength." Betty Friedan (1921-2006)The messages that we receive from the media, society and culture so often tell us that growing older is something to be reversed, if not feared. With all the adverts for anti-aging products, elixirs and potions, one might imagine that [...]

3 Ways Hugs are Healthy

Hugging can be a beautiful interaction between two people, although often I encounter clients who claim to reject hugging with most people. As our society has become more dangerous in so many ways and relationships have become more complex, it seems that allowing ourselves to relax into hugs may feel a little exposing for some. [...]

When Unfair Works

In our egalitarian society, we often expect and require total fairness within our romantic relationships. This may include equal division of household chores, financial contribution and much more. Since the emancipation of women the expectation has become that we will both have the same input in all areas of the relationship. Sometimes couples who come [...]