Defence Mechanisms

The Case About Monogamy

We are seeing a rising trend towards the questioning of traditional relationship styles, with many young people becoming more and more sexually adventurous. Rarely do young women save themselves for one lucky person and often, sexual exploration is a normal part of adolescence and development into an adult. Less than 100 years ago, this kind [...]

Return to Self

I often hear the term “fear of abandonment” used, especially in my profession, and often it is a very valid fear. Most of us have been raised by human beings, and therefore, fallible and imperfect beings. The nature of the small child is to be ego-centric, and so if needs are not met, then we [...]

Make-Up Sex

Make-up sex or sex after a fight or conflict is often seen to be exciting, passionate, erotic, and fulfilling.  My clients usually describe these experiences as being the best sexual encounters which they have within their relationship, with one explaining that while sex was mostly mediocre within the relationship, make-up sex was amazing. Even research [...]

Tuning into Trust

Often when clients in relationships come to see me, one of the overarching themes revolves around trust. It can look different depending on the couple, but the underlying aspect is very often that trust has been broken or lost at some point in the relationship. What then ensues is a power struggle between parties, which [...]