Men’s Sexual Health

Female Sexual Desire

New research seems to be pointing towards a refreshed perspective of female sexual desire. What has always been known to be a complex and intricate aspect of feminine sexuality is slowly beginning to develop into an intriguing picture. Recent, and at times controversial research is indicating that in order for women to want sex, they [...]

Pondering Porn?

Porn is a contentious topic among many, with opinions being strong and attitudes fixed. Both men and women may strongly oppose porn, whilst others understand it to be a regular and important aspect within their sex life. There are moral objections to porn based on what it portrays, how the actors might feel, and how [...]

Men’s Health Week

This week is Men’s Health Week in Australia, and in light of that, it seems appropriate to write a piece about men’s sexual health. Statistics indicate that men wait for around 18 months before seeking assistance with a sexual health concern, resulting in an approach commonly named the “wait and see” approach.  Unfortunately, this 18-month [...]

Developing Differentiation – Becoming Independent within Relationships

There is a common theme emerging among Conscious Intimacy’s clients lately which has to do with control and power. Often relationships develop a power struggle with one party wanting to be seen as “right”, and usually it is both partners who want this award. More than that, this power struggle is often a bid for [...]

Men’s Business

It is a commonly held belief that men and women are driven towards sexual behaviours for markedly different reasons. Men are motivated by the evolutionary requirement to father as many offspring as possible, while women seek sexual partners who will provide protection and security for said offspring. Evolutionary theories may seem reductionist in their approach, [...]