Mastery of the Penis

Premature ejaculation can be a common problem among heterosexual men, particularly younger men. Often clients report severe distress arising from their inability to last as long as they desire during lovemaking. Before beginning to explore the problem, there are a few things explained which can hopefully help to normalise the situation. For starters, the average [...]

The Case About Monogamy

We are seeing a rising trend towards the questioning of traditional relationship styles, with many young people becoming more and more sexually adventurous. Rarely do young women save themselves for one lucky person and often, sexual exploration is a normal part of adolescence and development into an adult. Less than 100 years ago, this kind [...]

The Vaginal Vacuum

Frank Bongiorno is an expert in Australian History, and recently presented at the Australasian Institute of Sexual Health Medicine Inaugural Conference. He introduced an interesting historical character who had much to espouse regarding sex. William Chidley was a man from Melbourne, who spoke publically regarding the way in which people were having sex during the [...]

Body Image in the Bedroom

I strongly advocate for physical health, and yet sometimes acceptance can be more important than placing rigid rules upon oneself, which serve to limit or even hurt self-esteem. One of my friends has recently gained weight and reports that she feels the impediment, particularly in her movements – struggling to access bodily parts that were [...]