Exotic Orgasm

Orgasm is a vast and varied topic with as many opinions about them as people who experience them. There are many suggestions and techniques espoused on how to achieve orgasm. Often clients who come to see me have specific ways of achieving orgasm and remain attached to their personal method and this technique is tried [...]

Return to Self

I often hear the term “fear of abandonment” used, especially in my profession, and often it is a very valid fear. Most of us have been raised by human beings, and therefore, fallible and imperfect beings. The nature of the small child is to be ego-centric, and so if needs are not met, then we [...]

Make-Up Sex

Make-up sex or sex after a fight or conflict is often seen to be exciting, passionate, erotic, and fulfilling.  My clients usually describe these experiences as being the best sexual encounters which they have within their relationship, with one explaining that while sex was mostly mediocre within the relationship, make-up sex was amazing. Even research [...]

Sexual Dexterity

There are so many places where people can learn new ways to spice up their sex life - magazines, blogs, online forums, Facebook and so much more. Then, every different place each has it’s own particular perception of what it is that enhances sex and what makes for a satisfying sexual relationship. Some promote a [...]

Tuning into Trust

Often when clients in relationships come to see me, one of the overarching themes revolves around trust. It can look different depending on the couple, but the underlying aspect is very often that trust has been broken or lost at some point in the relationship. What then ensues is a power struggle between parties, which [...]

Mindfulness One Oh One

As human beings, we are pain averse – an evolutionary trait which equips us better for survival. However, pain can come in many forms and though aversion to physical pain is usually necessary and self-protective, at times it may be more helpful to allow tolerance for discomfort. In our modern society we often use tools [...]

Last Longer in Love

Being a sex therapist, clients usually contact me on the basis of sexual concerns – usually related to their desire, arousal or orgasm. Often, while a sexual worry is the motivation for seeking help, it is obvious that the sexual issue has occurred as a result of relationship challenges or changes. For some people, sexual [...]