Relationship Counselling

Expanding Intimacy

Intimacy within romantic relationships is valued highly in our modern society, with more and more emphasis being placed on communication. And though vital in many instances, there might be other interesting ways to enhance intimacy, which may not necessarily incorporate talking, or communication. While relationship maintenance is often linked to enhanced verbal communication, acknowledging an [...]

Last Longer in Love

Being a sex therapist, clients usually contact me on the basis of sexual concerns – usually related to their desire, arousal or orgasm. Often, while a sexual worry is the motivation for seeking help, it is obvious that the sexual issue has occurred as a result of relationship challenges or changes. For some people, sexual [...]

3 Qualities to Enhance Intimacy

The Collins dictionary defines intimacy as a “close or warm relationship” and “deeply personal, private or secret.”  While these definitions are certainly incorporated within intimacy, I believe there is more to intimacy.  Creating intimacy includes three important characteristics, all of which I believe most human beings are capable.  These three qualities are:VulnerabilityHonestyCompassionAnd, more importantly, while [...]