Female Sexual Desire

New research seems to be pointing towards a refreshed perspective of female sexual desire. What has always been known to be a complex and intricate aspect of feminine sexuality is slowly beginning to develop into an intriguing picture. Recent, and at times controversial research is indicating that in order for women to want sex, they [...]

Pondering Porn?

Porn is a contentious topic among many, with opinions being strong and attitudes fixed. Both men and women may strongly oppose porn, whilst others understand it to be a regular and important aspect within their sex life. There are moral objections to porn based on what it portrays, how the actors might feel, and how [...]

Make-Up Sex

Make-up sex or sex after a fight or conflict is often seen to be exciting, passionate, erotic, and fulfilling.  My clients usually describe these experiences as being the best sexual encounters which they have within their relationship, with one explaining that while sex was mostly mediocre within the relationship, make-up sex was amazing. Even research [...]

Sexual Dexterity

There are so many places where people can learn new ways to spice up their sex life - magazines, blogs, online forums, Facebook and so much more. Then, every different place each has it’s own particular perception of what it is that enhances sex and what makes for a satisfying sexual relationship. Some promote a [...]

Tuning into Trust

Often when clients in relationships come to see me, one of the overarching themes revolves around trust. It can look different depending on the couple, but the underlying aspect is very often that trust has been broken or lost at some point in the relationship. What then ensues is a power struggle between parties, which [...]

The Dating “Game”

Do a quick search on the web for sex and dating and what transpires are many advice columns and articles espousing the “rules” of dating. Dig a little deeper and suggestions such as “don’t have sex on the first date” are common. More than that, some articles aimed at women might even warn against discussing [...]