Erection Concerns

Mastery of the Penis

Premature ejaculation can be a common problem among heterosexual men, particularly younger men. Often clients report severe distress arising from their inability to last as long as they desire during lovemaking. Before beginning to explore the problem, there are a few things explained which can hopefully help to normalise the situation. For starters, the average [...]

Exotic Orgasm

Orgasm is a vast and varied topic with as many opinions about them as people who experience them. There are many suggestions and techniques espoused on how to achieve orgasm. Often clients who come to see me have specific ways of achieving orgasm and remain attached to their personal method and this technique is tried [...]

Pondering Porn?

Porn is a contentious topic among many, with opinions being strong and attitudes fixed. Both men and women may strongly oppose porn, whilst others understand it to be a regular and important aspect within their sex life. There are moral objections to porn based on what it portrays, how the actors might feel, and how [...]