Erection Concerns

Make-Up Sex

Make-up sex or sex after a fight or conflict is often seen to be exciting, passionate, erotic, and fulfilling.  My clients usually describe these experiences as being the best sexual encounters which they have within their relationship, with one explaining that while sex was mostly mediocre within the relationship, make-up sex was amazing. Even research [...]

Sexual Dexterity

There are so many places where people can learn new ways to spice up their sex life - magazines, blogs, online forums, Facebook and so much more. Then, every different place each has it’s own particular perception of what it is that enhances sex and what makes for a satisfying sexual relationship. Some promote a [...]

Men’s Health Week

This week is Men’s Health Week in Australia, and in light of that, it seems appropriate to write a piece about men’s sexual health. Statistics indicate that men wait for around 18 months before seeking assistance with a sexual health concern, resulting in an approach commonly named the “wait and see” approach.  Unfortunately, this 18-month [...]