Reasons for Sex Therapy

Making the decision to see a sex therapist can be fraught with difficulty, though many people find sex therapy and relationship counselling very rewarding. Clients who visit Conscious Intimacy for sex therapy and relationship counselling may require assistance with a variety of intimate concerns including:

Who Seeks Sex Therapy

Conscious Intimacy prides itself on being friendly to various communities including people from the GLBTQ community, polyamorous community, and culturally and linguistically diverse clients. Conscious Intimacy does not discriminate regarding clients, however we are aware of limitations and responsible referral shall be made where necessary. Some sexual health concerns for which Conscious Intimacy clients seek sex therapy are:

  • Individuals seeking improvement in sexual functioning – we offer sex therapy to improve sexual functioning, resulting in increased satisfaction, connection with the body and a wider sexual repertoire.
  • Individuals seeking intimacy – we offer individual counselling and sex therapy to assist you in understanding your requirements and desires in an intimate relationship.
  • Individuals and couples seeking pre-marital therapy – we provide pre-marital counselling, sex therapy and couples therapy assisting couples in preparation for marriage.
  • Individuals and couples seeking marital therapy – we offer relationship counselling and sex therapy aimed at married couples who wish to increase and enhance intimacy.
  • Individuals and people with polyamorous/alternative relationship styles – we provide relationship counselling, sex therapy and individual counselling and offer a sound understanding of unique relationship styles which may not reflect social norms.
  • Individuals and couples in same sex relationships – we offer individual counselling, sex therapy and relationship counselling for same sex relationship styles including gender variant clients.

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